Use this ‘incredible’ space-saving hack to easily display your earring collection

This earring storage hack will help you tackle jewelry clutter without costing you a ton of space. 

Whether your earring collection is getting too big to keep track of or you just want an easy way to protect your jewelry, this simple hack is the perfect solution. Now you can organize all of your earrings, keep them safe and still have easy access to them. 

Watch as In The Know’s Lisa Azcona shares this space-saving storage hack for your earrings. 

“If you love earrings like me and want to keep your collection organized, this storage hack will help you keep them in pristine condition and save you plenty of space, too,” Lisa says. “All you’ll need is a jewelry organizer with a hanger.”

She got hers from Amazon. It is dual-sided and has 56 clear pockets that make things easier to find. Just like a shirt or dress, the organizer hangs upright in your closet, only taking up a slither of space. If you don’t want to hang the organizer, it folds into a carrying case. 

“You can actually zip up the individual compartments, so your jewelry doesn’t fall out, which is honestly incredible,” she explains. “Once all of your earrings are in there, all you have to do is hang it up in your closet.”

The compact jewelry organizer is excellent at saving space while protecting, storing and displaying your impressive earring collection. 

“Not only do I always know where my earrings are when I need them, but it’s super useful when I want to travel because I can just put the whole bag in my suitcase,” Lisa says. 

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