5 low-waste and eco-friendly crafts for some Earth Day fun

Earth Day is all about showing support for environmental protection, and what better way to pay tribute to the environment than by making some awesome upcycled crafts? From a bird feeder made out of popsicle sticks to a mini garden in a milk carton, many kid-friendly DIY crafting activities work in harmony with nature. If you’re looking for fun and sustainable ways to positively impact the environment, celebrate this Earth Day with these 5 eco-friendly, low-waste crafts that are out of this world!

1. DIY Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder 

“Beleaf” it or not, popsicle sticks are great for making bird feeders. First, have your child paint a few dozen popsicle sticks with their favorite colors and let them dry. Next, use a glue gun to construct two base layers of popsicle sticks. Then, fortify the base by hot-gluing sticks in a “Z” shape to the bottom. Flip the base over and hot glue the ends of two popsicle sticks to the center to create a bird perch. Layer and hot glue two popsicle sticks at a time to build the walls, then thread two twine strings through the popsicle stick layers and hot glue them to the base. Finally, fill the makeshift bird feeder with birdseed, then hang it outside for a wildlife party. 

2. DIY Mason Jar Lid Ring Wind Chimes

This DIY wind chime totally rocks! Gather six Mason jar lid rings, then paste a strip of clear packaging tape to one side of each lid, leaving the sticky side exposed. Next, have your child gather small items from the outdoors to stick on the tape. Finally, tie string around the lids and hang them from a tree branch. 

3. DIY Milk Carton Mini Gardens

Budding gardeners will love this craft. Start by having your child decorate the outside of milk cartons. Next, have them add dirt to the milk cartons using a small shovel. Then, have them sprinkle some wildflower seeds over the soil. Finally, poke holes through the cap of a water bottle so kids can water their mini gardens without the mess. 

4. DIY Toadstool Ornaments Made Using Leftover Plastic Easter Eggs


Recycle those eggs! This is such a cute & simple craft for little ones! Little baby toadstools for spring! Longer directions here @fernandmaplepartystyle #easterbasket #easteregg #easterdecor #kidscraft #toddlercraft #springdiy

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These cute and simple toadstool ornaments are a great way to recycle those leftover plastic Easter eggs. For this craft, you’ll need plastic Easter eggs, small wooden craft dolls, a chalk pen, baker’s twine, white paint, and a glue gun. First, have your child paint the bodies of the wooden dolls white. Next, have your child draw dots on the plastic egg halves with the chalk pen and let them dry. Thread baker’s twine through the holes on each egg half, then hot glue the tops of the wooden dolls to the inside of the egg. Once dry, find a home for your toadstool ornament to hang. 

5. DIY Pickle Jar Fairy Garden

Turn an ordinary pickle jar into an enchanted fairy garden. Begin by using lemon essential oil to remove any labels on the jar. Next, have your child gather an assortment of small toys or figurines they no longer use. Then, use a stone or faux moss that fits comfortably in the lid as a base for the figures. Have your child decide where to place the trinkets before hot gluing them. Once dry, hot glue the base onto the inside of the lid. Finally, add some small rocks or sequins to the jar before screwing on the lid to complete the fairy garden.

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