I bought this no-fuss plant after my friend (a notorious plant killer) kept hers alive for over 2 years

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If you’ve ever owned a live plant, you know firsthand that most types are challenging to take care of. Some might liken the experience to caring for a child, as plants are often moody, sensitive to particular environments and difficult to read.

While this description certainly fits most plant varieties, there’s one that’s easy-breezy and doesn’t need much babysitting — if any. And I now own it after seeing my most careless friend successfully care for one after getting it over two years ago.

Many apartment-friendly plants are relatively easy to keep alive, but the popular and beautiful ZZ Plant is one of the most resilient and stable.

ZZ Plant (Medium Size), $69

Credit: Bloomscape

Available right now on Bloomscape — my favorite online plant store that ships any plant you choose directly to your door — the ZZ Plant is perfect for the person without much space or patience. In fact, it may just be the easiest plant to keep alive.

I remember when one of my closest friends moved into her apartment just under three years ago. When I went to help her move in, I noticed she had a small ZZ Plant perched by her window. Knowing that she’s killed at least five plants over two years before owning this beauty, I expected this to be just another casualty added to the green graveyard. But, to my surprise, the joke was on me.

Almost three years later, her ZZ Plant is alive and thriving, and she said all she does is water it when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry. She lets the water drain, and that’s it! There are absolutely no brown or droopy leaves in sight.

In fact, according to Bloomscape, this completely no-fuss, carefree plant is “nearly indestructible.” The store also says it’s “ideal for beginner plant owners and those who don’t have the time for an extensive plant care routine.”

Also, if you don’t have much natural light in your apartment, the ZZ Plant adapts easily to low-light environments.

Bloomscape’s plant expert Lindsay Pangborn gave us a few tips on caring for the “hands-off” ZZ Plant, noting that it’s “perfect for the most forgetful plant owners.”

“Water the ZZ plant only when the soil is dry, about every three-four weeks, depending on your indoor climate,” she said. “Bright yellow leaves indicate you’re watering too often, but don’t lose hope!”

Get the medium-sized ZZ Plant pictured above at Bloomscape (I purchased the same one, which arrived just as pictured). When placing your order, choose from five options for pot color.

Trust me — this is the easiest plant to take care of. You won’t regret it.

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