Meal prep company owner shares ‘amazing’ hack for cutting bell peppers

A chef on TikTok is going viral after sharing his hack for the easiest way to cut a bell pepper.

The trick comes from Andrew Garza (@themacrokitchen on TikTok), a professional chef and owner of The Macro Kitchen, a meal prep service based in Illinois. In his now-viral clip, he explained the tiny adjustment he makes when chopping bell peppers for his customers.

Garza’s hack is the latest in TikTok’s never-ending stream of cooking tips. In recent months, users have shared how to make “perfectly round” cookies, fix overly salty food and the “real way” to open an English muffin.

And while there are also plenty of bell pepper hacks on the app, users responded enthusiastically to Garza’s alteration. His trick is all about where you make the first cut.

As he explains in the clip, Garza cuts bell peppers similar to the common method of removing the top and bottom before rotating to chop off the sides. However, he lines his first cut with the curvature of the vegetable’s top side, chopping right where the stem meets the rest of the pepper.

He goes on to show how, when done right, this method will make the stem practically fall off the pepper.

TikTokers were excited by Garza’s hack. Many called it “amazing.”

“That was smooth,” one user wrote.

“That’s 100% an awesome tip!!” another added. “Every time the stem pops out!”

“I am now an expert,” another wrote.

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