Easily peel tomatoes with this underrated kitchen hack

Peeling tomatoes is hard. The soft fruit can pretty much collapse in your hands, fall apart or make a mess when handled roughly. 

Now, you don’t always want to peel your tomatoes but for some recipes, it’s kind of essential. The tomato skin is a thicker texture than the flesh, so if you’re making a sauce or puree, the skin can make it chunky. When you’re canning tomatoes as a preserve, you’ll also have to peel them. 

Tomato skin can affect the flavor of your dish, according to Epicurious. The nutrient in the skin called flavonols gives it a bitter taste. But flavonols are good for you by lowering the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease so be sure to eat your tomato skins some of the time.

To achieve a uniform taste and texture, you’ve got to commit to peeling those tomatoes. 

Here’s how to easily peel tomatoes:

1. Cut your tomatoes into halves.

2. Turn your stove on to medium heat. Then pour a splash of olive oil into a pan. 

3. Place the tomatoes in the pan face down. 

4. Cover the tomatoes with a lid and let cook for five minutes. 

5. Remove lid. Now use your fingers (or a fork) to gently pull the skin off of each tomato. It should slip right off!

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