Make Easter ‘egg-stra’ special with these Easter snack board recipes

Easter is another holiday hopping on the snack board trend, and it’s no wonder. A snack board lets you enjoy all the colors and flavors of Easter in one delightful display. Friends and loved ones can graze through egg- and carrot-shaped treats like bunnies thanks to the many Easter-themed snack board recipes on TikTok. If your upcoming Easter party is in need of a whimsical wow factor, here are five easy-to-make Easter snack board recipes that are totally hoppin’! 

1.  Easter garden patch snack board

This snack board looks as if it were plucked from the garden. TikToker @theshirleylife begins arranging nests made from edible grass onto a tree trunk that’s been repurposed as a tray. Next, she fills the edible nests with mini pastel Cadbury eggs. Then she places an assortment of flower-shaped cucumbers with carrots in the center around the nests. She then assembles a line of shortbread cookies down the middle of the board before filling any remaining gaps with lemon cookies, cheddar bunnies and milk chocolate caramel bunnies.

2. Easter Peep charcuterie snack board

This Easter Peep-cuterie board puts a technicolor twist on Easter pastels. Rows of brightly colored chocolate-covered eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, carrot-shaped candies and egg-shaped lollipops fan out from a bowl of red M&M’s situated in the top left corner of the board. Meanwhile, an assortment of salami, cheese, crackers and carrot sticks fills out the right side.

3. Sophisticated Easter snack board

For an Easter-themed snack board with a more sophisticated side, look no further than this recipe. TikToker @offischerlyhome begins by placing a few decorative bunny figurines on the board before arranging chocolate-covered pretzels around them. Next, she puts a stack of biscotti to the left of the board, followed by pirouette rolled wafer cookies to the right. A cluster of pastel macarons sits in the middle of the board, while milk chocolate latte almond candies fill in any gaps. 

4. Giant Easter bunny cookie dessert board

Take your Easter snack board presentation to the next level with this dessert board featuring a giant Easter bunny cookie. After plating the Easter Bunny cookie, TikToker @theggsistersofficial uses pastel M&M’s and licorice to create the bunny’s eyes, nose and whiskers, before covering its ears with mini pastel Cadbury eggs. Surrounding the bunny’s head is an assortment of pastel M&M’s and wafer cookies mixed with chocolates and bunny-shaped gummies. 

5. Easy Easter snack board

This snack board is just as cute as it is easy to put together. First, take the bottom half of an egg carton and add one end of a plastic Easter egg to each compartment. Next, fill the eggs with a mix of healthy snacks and sweet treats such as carrot sticks, chocolate-covered almonds, blueberries, animal crackers and raspberries. Not only is this snack board a great way to get kids to try new foods, but it’s also an easy and inexpensive way to make Easter more fun!

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