This easy birthday hack is the perfect way to surprise kids on their special day

This TikTok parent shared a brilliantly simple hack for making your little one’s birthday special!

Ashley (@partyhopshop) is a TikToker and mom of two who shares party-planning tips and whimsical balloon art. In a recent video, Ashley shared a shockingly simple hack for creating streamer decorations for children’s birthdays that is designed to save parents time and energy, while ensuring kids are delightfully surprised on their special day!  

The video begins with a shot of Ashley standing in front of her child’s bedroom. On the door behind her hangs a glittery pink balloon in the shape of the number 5. Ashley wears a matching pink sweatshirt and holds several rolls of bright pink and purple paper streamers in her hands. A caption reads, “This tip is for all the birthday fairies (AKA moms).”

“If you’re the birthday fairy in your house, this tip’s for you,” Ashley explains in a voiceover. “I started doing this years ago because my kids would get up in the middle of the night or super early on their birthdays and I didn’t have time to get their door ready in the morning.”

Rather than wake up early in the morning to decorate her child’s door with streamers, Ashley shows how she prepares the decoration in advance. She holds one roll of streamers up to the top of the doorframe and uses it to measure the length of the door. Then, she cuts the streamer and uses it as a template. 

“Then you have the measurements for the door,” Ashley explains. 

Next, Ashley uses the streamer to cut equal-length streamers of different colors. Once she has enough streamers to cover the width of the door frame, she cuts one final piece of streamer to run across the top and hold everything together. 

“I take it all into my room at night, lay it all out, run a piece of tape across the top, and then in the morning you can literally get it up in a couple of minutes,” Ashley explains. 

The video ends with a shot of Ashley showing how she attaches the streamer decoration over her child’s door in the morning to create a fun surprise! 

Viewers applauded the mom’s crafty birthday hack!

“This is a great tip that I personally have never heard of! Will definitely use this!” one viewer wrote. 

“Such a cute idea!” another viewer wrote. 

“My son will be 5 next week and I think he’ll love this,” wrote one parent. 

Ashley’s hack is an easy way to show your child how much you care!  

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