5 easy hacks for slicing and dicing pomegranates

Pomegranates are a popular and versatile fruit with numerous health benefits, including potentially lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Their seeds can be eaten raw, used as a garnish or made into juice. But their hard exterior can make getting to those seeds a dicey process! Fortunately, there are many hacks on TikTok that demonstrate how to cut through the formidable fruit. Here are five ways to easily slice and dice a pomegranate. 

1. Circle cut hack

One easy way to get to the seeds is through the top. First, make an incision near the calyx (the spiky, cup-like structure), and carve around the pomegranate. Next, create another incision slightly above the first one and carve another round, forming a circle within a circle. Then, gently peel off the skin, leaving the top layer with the calyx. Cut vertically along the pomegranate’s six or so ridges, and pull apart the slices before removing the calyx and pulp. 

2. Half-cut hack


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This method lets you see the fruit from a whole new angle. Lay the pomegranate on its side, then cut around its perimeter, making sure to slice through the skin and not the fruit. Next, pull apart the two halves. Take each half, and gingerly separate the pulp around the seeds to loosen them. Hold the pomegranate half over a bowl, and tap on the skin with a wooden spoon to remove the seeds. Pick out any bits of pulp that might have fallen in the bowl, and enjoy!

3. Square cut hack

Put your geometry skills to the test with this peeling method. Place the pomegranate with the calyx side facing up, and make four vertical incisions around the calyx, forming a square. Next, peel off the top and make several slits halfway down the ridges. Pull apart the pomegranate. Then separate the seeds from the pulp. 

4. Ridges cut hack

When in doubt, the bumps on a pomegranate are a great indicator of where to cut. Begin by cutting along each of the pomegranate’s ridges. Then cut out the calyx, and pull the fruit apart over a bowl in the sink. Once the pomegranate is open, fill the bowl with water and separate the seeds from the pulp. The pulp will float to the top, while the seeds sink to the bottom. Finally, after taking out the pulp, pour the seeds and water into a strainer, and they’re ready to serve!

5. All-in-one cut hack

Remove all of a pomegranate’s skin with one cut. Start by making a diagonal incision through the calyx. Then, carve under the skin around the pomegranate before slicing through the bottom to remove its entire exterior. Soak the remaining insides of the pomegranate in water, separating the seeds and pulp. Finally, strain the seeds and enjoy!

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