Easy updo hair tutorials you can do yourself

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Attending a wedding can be expensive. Between transportation, accommodation, and gifts, costs can really add up. Not to mention shelling out for your outfit and getting your hair done! If you want to save your cash and a trip to the hair salon ahead of a wedding, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan has you covered. On this episode of In the Know: Hair School, Marjan teaches us how to create easy, salon-worthy updos that are perfect for a wedding.

The first wedding-worthy hairstyle Marjan takes us through is a “classic take on a low chignon.” For this look, the host first gathers the model’s hair at the back of her head, smoothing any loose strands out with a Mason Pearson Junior Mixture Bristle Hair Brush. Then, Marjan secures the hair with a scunci Mixed Size Hair Elastic at the nape of the model’s neck. 

Once the hair is secured with an elastic, Marjan creates a hole in the center of the hair just above the elastic and pulls the ponytail through the separated hair to create a nice twist effect. Marjan then places another elastic about two thirds down from the top of the ponytail, and then adds another elastic to the very end of the ponytail to secure the ends. From there, she rolls the ponytail up into a bun, securing it with scunci Bobby Pins.

Marjan suggests adding some hair pieces to elevate your low bun. The hairstylist tucks in a Roxy Jacenko Blaire Hair Comb as a way to dress up the chignon. “So just a really elegant, simple bun that is perfect for an occasion like a wedding,” says Marjan, admiring her work. 

The next look Marjan demonstrates is a low bun. She begins by again gathering the hair at the nape of the neck, but doesn’t use a brush this time because she wants “a little more texture.”

Like the first look, Marjan secures the hair in a low ponytail using an elastic, splits the hair above the elastic, and loops the ponytail through the separated hair. Next, Marjan uses another elastic to fold the ponytail in half. With the remaining ends, the hairstylist creates a braid and loops the braid around the folded ponytail. Then, Marjan pins the ends into the elastic to secure them. Finally, she takes the edges of the folded ponytail (now in a bun shape) and pulls them up towards the rest of the hair and pins them to secure the hairstyle. She finishes the whole updo off with a Roxy Jacenko crystal hair clip. 

The final look Marjan creates is another simple, low bun. She begins by gathering the model’s hair at the nape of the neck and secures it with an elastic, but doesn’t pull the hair through entirely, and instead leaves a loop. Marjan wraps the remaining hair around the elastic to conceal it, and uses bobby pins to secure and shape the hairstyle. As a finishing touch, Marjan adds an ASOS DESIGN Metal Headband to make the ‘do a little more festive. 

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