Easy ways to style a claw clip in your hair

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In this episode of In The Know: Hair School, celebrity hairstylist and host Justine Marjan breaks down two simple ways to wear a claw clip, turning the trendy accessory into an easy tool for quick, elegant hairstyles. 

For her first claw clip look, Justine starts by gathering the model’s hair in the back. “This is really nice if you want to leave any organic pieces that fall out,” says Justine. “You can also keep it really clean and pull all the hair back.” 

Using her fingers, Justine continues to gather the model’s hair, before spraying a light mist of TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Aerosol Hairspray to tame any frizz. Then, Justine continues to go through the hair with her fingers, brushing down any frizz and flyaways. “From here, I’m just going to twist the hair in one direction, gently twisting, and then I’ll let the hair loop up itself,” explains Justine.  

Once the hair forms a natural spiral, Justine tucks the ends downwards, and then uses a Kitsch Gold Open Shape Claw Clip to secure the hair. “This is a really elegant look that I think is great with maybe a backless dress,” says Justine. “It’s also great because it gets the hair off the face but it’s still elegant and something a little more refined than a classic ponytail.” 

Pro Tip: When choosing a claw clip, Justine recommends making sure you get one that is right for your hair type. If you have thicker hair, Justine suggests going with a larger claw clip. If you have thinner, finer hair, a smaller claw clip, like the Kitsch Medium Claw Clip, would work. 

Justine’s next style is designed for people with thicker hair, who would need a larger clip. She starts by gathering the model’s hair in a low ponytail, and tying it with a scunci Mixed Size Hair Elastic. “I’m doing this ponytail pretty loose because I want some slack above where I’m placing the elastic,” explains Justine. Justine then inches the elastic down, then separates the hair above the ponytail. Next, Justine loops the ponytail through the separated area, pulling it out halfway. 

Then, Justine uses a Kitsch Eco-Friendly Marble Claw Clip to secure the style, and twists up the ends extended from the bottom, and tucks them underneath the clip. “I love this for summer, when the weather’s hot, to pull the hair upwards,” suggests Justine. Justine also recommends keeping a claw clip in your bag or at your desk, for whenever you “want to pull your hair up quickly, but still have a style to it.”

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