TikTokers are dancing to the tune of a woman demanding they eat their vegetables

 A viral TikTok sound is teaching people to eat their vegetables.

One user’s mashup of a vegan’s soundbite and a hip-hop song has spawned over a million videos. The viral audio of a woman, with a reprimanding voice, saying, “eat your vegetables,” has people totally vibing with the produce section. 

Where does the “eat your vegetables” sound come from? 

Before user The Vegan Teacher was banned for violating TikTok’s community guidelines she, created a video where she told her audience to “eat your vegetables.” 

Then the TikToker @sulfateoctagon sampled The Vegan Teacher’s voice and added a snippet of $uicideboy$’s song “And To Those I Love.” The song lyrics are, “one last pic and I’ll be gone” in the viral sound. 

The new mash-up went on to become a viral sound associated with 1.5 million videos. Unsurprising people are using the sound to celebrate vegetables and show off some of their swagger. 

The user @gushy2000 presented a plate of fresh veggies. When the beat dropped he glided around the room doing spins. 



♬ original sound – SulfateOctagon

TikToker @elinayael_ literally put string beans in her nose for the trend

Gangsta Granny threw a few limes at her grandson then did quite the smooth dance

Meanwhile, @chiptoothsamoan and his little brother used green onions and herbs as microphones before transitioning into synchronized spins.

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