Eco-friendly company makes history with first 3D-printed house

Sustainable building company Kamp C has successfully 3D printed an entire two-story house for the first time in history. The Belgian company used Europe’s largest 3D printer, a COBOD BOD2, to get the job done. The 90-square-meter structure is made of concrete and was printed in one piece.

The company dropped a video of the 10-by-10-meter printer in action. The giant machine vertically prints layer by layer until the tall building is complete.

“What makes this house so unique is that we printed the house in one piece with a fixed 3D concrete printer,” project manager Emiel Ascione said according to designboom. “The homes that have already been printed worldwide have only one floor and are often in parts, factory printed and assembled on site. We have printed the entire building envelope as a whole on the site.” 

The house is three times stronger than a standard home made with quick building blocks. The concrete mix required very little wire-mesh as reinforcement like other projects do because it had fibers pre-blended into the material. 

Not to mention, that because the labor was done by a continuous 3D printer, it saves about 60 percent on materials, time and money. The two-story home is just a test run right now. Eventually, Kamp C says, a similar house could be printed in just two days, although this prototype took a mere three weeks. 

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