Eco-friendly murals purify the air with the power of 780 trees

A mural in Warsaw is clearing the air. Polish designers Dawid Ryski and Maciek Polak used special photocatalytic paint for the image that breaks down pollutants into harmless substances when activated by sunlight. The single painting has the purifying power of 780 trees.

Ryski and Polak’s artwork takes up the side of an entire building. The image features daises with smiley faces blossoming in a city and the campaign slogan: “Create together for tomorrow.”

Good Looking Studio executed the mural as part of the Converse City Forests project. The sneaker brand’s initiative aims to erect more anti-pollution paintings in areas where trees don’t grow. The painting in Warsaw is near Politechnika metro station, a busy urban hub with few green spaces.

“In my dream future city, billboards would disappear, and everybody here would switch from cars to bicycles,” Ryski said in a statement. “My vision of a better future was well reflected on our project. I see it as a symbiosis of the city and nature, complementing each other perfectly.”

The Converse City Forest project hopes to produce enough public artworks to the equivalent of 3,000 trees in 13 cities. Other cities that can expect these eco-friendly murals are Sydney, Sao Paolo, Lima and Bogotá.

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