The best eco-friendly swaps you can make in your bathroom today

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You may not realize it, but your bathroom is probably full of plastic and other non-recyclables. But while you may not be ready to ditch toilet paper and get yourself a bidet, there are other ways you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

From bamboo toothbrushes to nixing shampoo bottles, here are a few sustainable swaps you can make in your bathroom today.

1. Replace your plastic toothbrushes with bamboo options.

You probably didn’t even think about your toothbrush, but that’s a big chunk of plastic you throw out every three months or so. Use a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and you can feel better about keeping your mouth clean.

2. Swap plastic toothpaste tubes for recyclable metal ones.

Brands like Davids provide toothpaste in a metal, recyclable tube. And it works just as well as the non-sustainable stuff.

3. Give mouthwash tabs a try.

Most mouthwash comes in a big plastic bottle. Instead, get these mouthwash tablets that come in a recyclable glass bottle. Simply drop a tab in water, let it dissolve and swish.

4. Ditch nylon floss in plastic containers.

You should be flossing — but give silk floss a try instead. This TreeBird Eco Dental Floss comes in a recyclable glass jar, too.

5. Replace soap and shampoo bottles with the solid stuff.

Ditch the plastic containers and get yourself a solid bar of soap — and a dry brush (rather than a plastic loofa). You can also get solid shampoo and conditioner bars with little to no packaging from brands like Acure, Ethique and Lush.

6. Swap plastic razors for metal razors.

A metal razor may have a bit of a learning curve because it’s extra sharp and you’ll need to use much less pressure than you might with a plastic one. They’re also a little more expensive, but last much longer. Overall, the pay off is totally worth it.

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