Ed Sheeran’s attempt to go viral on TikTok backfired spectacularly

Ed Sheeran’s music is all over the internet. You seemingly can’t go to a wedding without hearing one of his gorgeous love songs. TikTok is a new frontier for him, though.

On Dec. 27, the singer posted a video to the platform in which he played his new song “Afterglow” on the guitar and asked people to duet him. His request was met with a deluge of brutal trolling several weeks after his original post.

It wasn’t Sheeran’s first Tikok post, but it was his first major attention grab. He’s shared only eight videos to his account, which has 2.2 million followers. The latest two promoted “Afterglow,” while the first six promoted his 2019 collaboration with Khalid, “Beautiful People.”

Users took note of the perceived inauthenticity of a celebrity acting like an undiscovered musician on the app and made jokes about him.

“Dude from Game of Thrones putting himself out there,” one user commented.

“Ron Weasley got bars,” another said.

“Y’all are so mean to this poor dude,” a third wrote, defending Sheeran.

At the same time, other users began dueting him — though it did not go as intended. They all played other songs so loudly, it completely drowned out the sound of Sheeran’s singing.

User @carsonmelliot blasted a piano rendition of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” over Sheeran’s performance.


#duet with @edsheeran Great stuff, Ed!! 😻😻😻😻

♬ original sound – Ed Sheeran

“Why is everyone so mean to this man what did he ever do,” one commenter responded.

“A little louder, I can still hear him,” another said.

Meanwhile, @annabellehendrickson shredded her electric guitar to the iconic intro from Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as Sheeran strummed away on his gentle acoustic guitar.

In a twist, @leeanna__banana let Sheeran sing a few bars before accentuating his music with a loud blast from a tuba.

Even fellow celebrity Charlie Puth poked fun at Sheeran by blasting the opening chords of Toto’s “Africa” over his performance. That video has since been removed, but of course, a fan captured and shared it elsewhere on the internet.

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