Mom’s edible bread ‘painting’ is brilliant way to make lunch fun for the kids

Finally, kids have a reason to play with their food with mom and dad’s blessing. 

TikToker Shannon Doherty is a mom of four with 1.2 million followers. She shares parenting hacks, recipes and simple DIYs.

To make lunch fun for the kids, Doherty shared a tutorial for “edible bread painting.”

The playful activity uses homemade edible paints and sliced bread as the canvas. You never know when your kid may have a stroke of genius. And even if they make a bit of a mess, well, they can just eat it. 

“This is the most fun way to do lunch for your kids,” Doherty said

The mom also shared her super easy recipe for edible paint. 

“Add some hot water and sugar in little bowls, mix it together so that it’s a thick consistency,” she explained. “Add some gel food coloring and start painting!”

Doherty created green, blue and pink edible paints. She dipped a paintbrush into each pot to create colorful texts, shapes and patterns on a few slices of white bread.  

“Such a fun idea,” a user commented.

“We always do this for Halloween and call it ‘monster toast,'” another wrote

“This also works with milk and food dye,” someone added

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