Eerie footage of sheep standing completely still suggests there is a glitch in the matrix

A TikTok user captured an eerie video of sheep seemingly frozen in place for hours.

Rory Davis, a 24-year-old personal trainer, witnessed the unusual happening while vacationing in Troutbeck, England.

He told the Mirror he received a text from his mom at 10 a.m. telling him to look at the sheep on a hill outside the residence, but didn’t think much of it until later.

Luckily, he finally did take a peek — and he recorded the phenomenon to share with his TikTok followers.

“Wtf there’s a glitch in the matrix,” he said in the caption of the video.

He zoomed in on the dozens of sheep gathered together on the hill — each standing completely still, aside from a few twitching ears, which confirm that it is indeed a video and not a still photo.

“I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes,” Davis told the Mirror. “I was so spooked out that I just stood there and laughed in pure shock and proceeded to swear a lot.”

When he left for the day at 1 p.m., the sheep were still standing like that. When he returned, they were entirely gone.

According to the Mirror, the exact reason why they acted like this isn’t known for sure, but internet sleuths seem to agree that some sheep stand still when they get wet and cold in heavy rain.

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