Is this viral ‘egg tube’ maker genius or just gross?

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Is the viral “egg tube” maker gross… or kind of genius?

On TikTok, you’ll find all kinds of hacks and gadgets for making eggs — from using a plastic bag, to cooking them in a burger, to cracking the shells by dropping them. This egg tube machine, however, is something else entirely.

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The gadget’s been around for years, but lately, it’s gone viral on TikTok. One of the most famous chefs to bravely test out the machine is cooking influencer Joshua Weissman, who seemed particularly grossed out by it.

Weissman’s popular video trying the egg tube maker drew responses ranging from “gross” to “why?” The comments section alone was enough to make In The Know’s editors think: We have to try this.

So, we did. To see how our egg tube test went, watch the video above or keep reading below.

Does the viral egg tube maker actually work?

To test this bizarre gadget, we decided to compare “egg tubes” to their closest egg-based cousin — the omelet. We then compared the two methods to one another, testing them on three factors:

Convenience: Here, we wanted to see which method was easier to make. The egg tube won out easily, doing everything automatically in five to eight minutes. Meanwhile, our omelet took about 10 minutes and was a much more hands-on operation.

Appearance: This is where the egg tube takes a huge knock. These things do not look good. They’re circular, unsettling and sort of slimy — overall, just not an appetizing combo. Omelets, on the other hand, always look great.

Taste: This one was hard to test, given just how gross the egg tubes can look. So, we did a blind taste test, with our editor covering his eyes as he tried both dishes. Surprisingly, the egg tube was just as good as a traditional omelet, which is a win in our book for something so gross-looking.

So, against all odds, it turns out this gadget is actually… pretty good? If you can get past the visuals, it’s really convenient and makes some solid-tasting eggs.

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