Diver gets hilarious surprise when he cracks an egg at the ‘bottom of the ocean’

TikToker Shane Brown (@shangerdanger) cracked an egg at the bottom of the ocean, and viewers couldn’t believe what happened next!

Brown is a Hawaii-based diver and content creator who’s amassed a following of more than 10 million users for his videos featuring various underwater adventures. Recently, Brown posted a video where he cracks an egg at the bottom of the ocean, and the results are mesmerizing.

The clip, which has 49 million views and counting, begins with GoPro footage of Brown underwater, tapping on an egg with his camera.

“I heard if you crack an egg at the bottom of the ocean, something crazy happens,” Brown explains, before the footage cuts to a shot of an egg floating in the blue abyss.

He then grabs the egg and dives about 45 feet deep. Curious to see if the egg floats, Brown releases it, and to his surprise, the egg sinks.

According to Brown, his first attempt at cracking the egg proves unsuccessful, as his thumbnails weren’t strong enough. So he returns to the surface for a breath before heading back down to break it with his other camera. 

As he begins to break open the egg, the egg whites stretch from both sides of the shell, almost like taffy. Brown then slowly peels off the rest of the shell to reveal a gelatinous yolk surrounded by clear egg whites.

The egg looks right at home, floating in the ocean like a jellyfish. However, its underwater adventure is short-lived. When Brown makes a quick trip to the surface, he discovers that a fish has eaten the entire egg, leaving behind scraps of yolk.

TikTokers cracked egg jokes

Viewers were amused by Brown’s “egg-speriment” and took to the comments to crack a few jokes. 

“Fish later that day: ‘Bro, you won’t believe what happened,’” wrote one user.

“Better love story than Twilight,” one TikToker commented. 

“I feel like I just watched a real-life cartoon,” observed another viewer. 

Brown vows to crack another egg in the ocean, but next time, he’ll protect it from any curious sea critters on the hunt for eggs à la ocean.

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