Woman’s elaborate ‘dog house’ raises eyebrows on TikTok: ‘Oh to be rich’

A woman convinced TikTok that her dog lives in a massive human-sized house. But in the end, it was just a fake-out.

You never really know how other people are living. And let’s face it, wealthy people have access to far more resources than the average person. So when a TikToker, who goes by the pseudonym Chip Girl, posted a video of her gigantic dog house, people were shocked but not surprised that someone with the means would go all out like this. 

“Come decorate our dog house with us,” Chip Girl said in the caption.

The footage showed a dog lounging on a large bed inside of a two-story home. The first floor had tons of space, giant windows and a decorated Christmas tree. Meanwhile, the upstairs had a balcony and a built-in hammock. The dog’s quality of life looked a lot more luxurious than plenty of humans. 

Chip Girl’s video received over 5.8 million views. People were in disbelief β€” and they had good reason. 

“Is this a joke? Dog is living nicer than me,” someone asked

“Oh to be rich,” another said

“This is larger and much nicer than my current apartment,” a user commented

In fact, the dog owner clarified in the comment section that she was just goofing around. 

“This is clearly a joke. Waiting on furniture to be delivered,” Chip Girl said

Hopefully, she didn’t have to let her dog down too hard after all this.

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