Electric car company’s design reinvents the wheel

A new Tel Aviv-based company claims they’ve revolutionized how electric vehicles are made.

Most automobiles are limited in design because the model must include certain functional parts — but a Ree electric vehicle is highly streamlined. Most of what you’d find under the hood is located in a Ree wheel. Freeing up this space could allow car designers a lot more freedom to innovate on future models.

So what’s in the wheel? The entire motor, transmission, steering, suspension and brakes. Each wheel is connected by a flat base that is easily customizable. Ree CEO and co-founder Daniel Barel wanted modern electric cars to be free from the architectural burdens of yesterday’s gas-guzzlers.

“The concepts of the past are limited and restrict the ability of the automotive industry to realize the electric and autonomous reality they are striving for,” Barel said in a press release. “At Ree, we believe that in order to hasten the automotive revolution we need to reinvent the wheel — quite literally.”

His plan for Ree was to create a modular, flexible electric vehicle that could be the base for any utility. Thus, a Ree car might be a golf kart, delivery van, an off-road vehicle or truck. It can also be self-driving or human-driven.

Now, of course, the Ree platform is not for ordinary people. Instead, it’s meant to provide a creative solution for car manufacturers. Mitsubishi Corporation has already praised the new tech.

“We can see Ree’s technology has huge potential in the autonomous driving world, as it makes the electrification process highly efficient with its new modular platform,” the company said.

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