Husband accidentally sends ‘butt naked’ photo of mom to entire family: ‘The most embarrassing moment of my life’

A mom revealed the most embarrassing moment of her life — and it’s low-key hilarious. 

TikToker Samantha Barlow shared a little “story time” video about the “most embarrassing moment of my life.” It all took place in the delivery room right after Barlow gave birth to her son. Let’s just say in all of the hubbub, someone’s hubby may have gotten a little carried away with the flash photography. 

Barlow explained that she and her husband were so excited after she delivered their baby boy the husband wanted to send the family a picture. The trouble arose after the dad sent the photo to his mom, who sent it to the whole family. 

It turned out the photo of the newborn was a Live Photo. That meant the family wasn’t just getting a glimpse at the baby but everything in the background, including the mom’s episiotomy. 

“At any point, any of them could have pushed that live photo — cause it was a photo of a baby — and seen me butt naked,” Barlow said

She added in the comment section that she isn’t “mad at my husband or my mother in law. It was a total fluke!” and that “it was actually pretty funny.” 

TikTokers could totally relate to the situation and the video racked up 1.2 million views. 

“It may not help, but that’s such a normal part of birth I hope anyone who saw it, saw it as respectfully as it is! You birthed a human with that body!” a TikToker reassured her. 

“Honestly husbands don’t deserve smart phones during labor,” a user joked

“Similar thing happened to me only it got posted on FB and some rando pointed it out!” a person commented

“Nothing good ever comes of Live Photos. You know there’s audio in those too?! Always chaos in the background,” someone said.

“My husband always wondered why I always have to approve pictures. This right here is why,” another wrote

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