Emergency room nurse explains why ‘procrastinators’ actually make great ER workers

An emergency room nurse is drawing praise after sharing the “counterintuitive” personality trait he often sees in ER workers.

TikToker user @joespinstheglobe shared the info in a video that immediately drew support from doctors and nurses alike. In it, the TikToker — who works as an ER nurse — explained why, in his mind, procrastinators have the chance to be great emergency room workers.

“When you work in health care, you run into a lot of people that say, ‘My cousin’s a nurse,’ or, ‘My mom’s a doctor,’ and they’re usually like, ‘I could never do something like that,” he says in the clip. “And it’s made me think of the years, what makes someone good at working in the emergency room specifically.”

The TikToker goes on to acknowledge that there are all kinds of traits — such as empathy and a “study” emotional state — that are major assets for an ER worker. However, there’s another, more “counterintuitive” trait that @joespinstheglobe finds helpful.

“One type of person I believe is actually really well cut out to work in the ER is the procrastinator,” he says.

As he explains, procrastinators tend to “put things off,” but not forever. Often, he says, they try to cram in as much as possible at the last minute.

“And the thing about the ER,” he adds, “is that everything is the last minute.”

His larger point is that, unlike with many jobs, there’s no way ER workers can ignore their work for more than a few minutes. Everything is fast and crucial — sometimes it’s even life or death.

Hospital workers and self-proclaimed procrastinators all flocked to @joespinstheglobe’s comments section to agree with his assessment.

“Yes!” one user wrote. “I need high stakes and then I am SO PRODUCTIVE.”

“You’re so right,” another agreed.

“ED [emergency department] doc here and the biggest procrastinator ever. If we ever have slower times I become much less efficient,” another added.

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