‘Emily in Paris’ premise is eerily similar to these real-life influencers’ lives

Like everyone else with a Netflix account, Ana Matisse found herself streaming “Emily in Paris” when the show first premiered in early October. But as she went through the first couple of episodes, Matisse couldn’t help but notice some eerie similarities between her experience and the show.

First of all, Matisse’s Instagram account is @anainparis, which is not only super similar to the name of the show but also similar to what Emily changes her handle to when she first moves to Paris.

Like Emily, Matisse moved to Paris by herself in her early 20s and picked up a marketing job, which she eventually had to quit because, again like Emily, Matisse couldn’t speak French.

“I saw the first episode, I saw that, Emily also moved to Paris and changed her name to ‘Emily in Paris,’ which is completely the same thing as I did,” Matisse told In The Know. “I also live on the same last floor as Emily does — on the sixth floor.”

Matisse’s Instagram now clocks in at 107,000 followers and her rise to influencer status was also a surprise to her, just like in the show.

“I had no idea that I would ever be an influencer,” Matisse said. “I just posted the things that I liked that I experienced here in Paris.”

She posted the cliché shots of the Eiffel Tower, croissants and other Parisian staples that started getting attention on the platform.

“The activity started to get better and better and better. And I became a blogger, which really, I think just because … I posted the Parisian cliché things that people from other countries wanted to see,” she explained.

Credit: anainparis / Instagram

To make things spookier, Matisse’s best friend, Su Park, is constantly compared to Emily’s best friend, Mindy.

“She’s the Emily to my Mindy,” Park told In The Know. “It’s funny because she literally has the [same] story as Emily, and then I have [a] very similar story as to how like Mindy’s background was and everything because I am Korean and I’m from there. Minus the fact that she’s Chinese, although the actress — I know she’s Korean.”

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“My parents cut me off when I came to Paris also. I’ve been here for a few years, just like Mindy,” Park said. “I kind of chose my life here to build it, whereas I could live in like, whatever convenient environment if I was [still] in the States or if I was in Korea.”

Both Matisse and Park understand some of the criticisms of the show — not only as real influencers but as Parisians too.

“I don’t have any cute neighbors in my house downstairs. I don’t have rich French people hitting on me,” Matisse said. “I don’t wear Chanel 24/7.”

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