TikTok can’t get enough of Emily Mariko’s salmon rice recipe

Remember when a feta pasta recipe went so viral on TikTok that it caused a national cheese shortage? Another easy meal hack is taking the internet by storm now.

A video from food and fashion influencer Emily Mariko, who has more than 1.5 million followers on TikTok, is blowing up because of how easy and delicious it looks.

In the video, Mariko piled salmon onto a plate, covered it in pre-cooked rice and placed a single ice cube on top before putting a plate cover over the pile and setting the dish in the microwave.

The inclusion of an ice cube left many commenters baffled, but others clarified that it is intended to evaporate in the microwave and lightly steam the surrounding rice.

Once the dish finished cooking, Mariko topped it off with soy sauce, Sriracha and mayonnaise. She stirred it up, chopped up some avocado, added a small bowl of kimchi to the side and used chopsticks to put a hunk of the rice mixture in a small square of seaweed.

“Best lunch of the week,” she wrote in her caption. The simple video now has more than 29 million views and 3.3 million likes.

There isn’t an official recipe, so elements like cook time remain a mystery, but one commenter described it as “sushi bake but deformed.” That’s kind of the point, though — Mariko has made a name for herself sharing healthy meals from leftovers that anyone could string together.

TikTokers took that accessibility to heart, and a number of them have attempted the simple recipe repeatedly over the past few weeks.


3rd time i’ve made this in a week. thanks queen @emilymariko #salmonrecipe #salmontiktok #lovethisgame

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“Third time I’ve made this in a week, thanks queen,” TikTok user @ate.abby wrote in the caption of a video in which she copied the recipe.
“So are we all out here just absolutely pounding microwaved rice, salmon, Sriracha and mayonnaise every day, or is that just me?” user @lydialoo121 mused, sharing footage of her already-made bowl.

As with any viral creator, not everyone loves Mariko’s style. One user said they blocked her because she leaned too far over her food. Another said her recipes gave them “fancy feast vibes,” referring to the cat food brand.

One thing is for sure — if salmon or seaweed wraps are a big part of your diet, you’d better run to the grocery store now before they’re all hopelessly sold out.

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