How to do the Emoji translator TikTok trend

TikTokers are using an emoji translator to rename some of their favorite characters. 

Emoji translators have been around for years now. They translate words in any language into their emoji counterparts. While they can turn simple words like “banana” or “chair” into their respective emojis quite easily, the translators tend to struggle with names to humorous effect. Now people on TikTok are translating popular franchise characters’ names into emojis then back again. 

The results are hilarious and completely absurd, which is perfectly in line with the app’s sense of humor. The hashtag #emojitranslate has 4.8 million views. 

The emoji translator trend takes over TikTok 

“I translated Overwatch characters into emojis and back,” @too.raaad wrote in a caption

Genji’s final translated name was “Shinto Shrine,” Hanzo was “No” and D.Va became “D. Message.” 

TikToker @ferdinandvonhamster translated their hamsters’ names into emojis. Link was dubbed “Paperclips,” Walton was “Name Badge,” and Ferdinand von Aegir was renamed “Stephen King.” 


this trend is so funny it had tears rolling down my face last night i had to give you all the #twilight edition 😌 #emojitranslate

♬ guess translating words meme – jude

The user @@whatbritreads emoji translated names from the Twilight book series. For some reason Edward Cullen translated to “John Lennon,” Bella Swan became “Emma Swan” and Renesmee Cullen was “Moon to Mars.” 

When @callayoung used the emoji translator to rename Monsters Inc. characters the names were just as ridiculous. Mike Wazowski was renamed “Doc McStuffins,” James P. Sullivan became “James P. Name Badge” and Boo was now called “Chick.” 

How to do the emoji translator TikTok trend 

Step 1: There are numerous emoji translators out there but the one popular on TikTok appears to be by Yandex

Step 2: Once you open the Yandex emoji translator, start recording your screen. 

Step 3: Type in the names wish to translate into emojis. People tend to use characters from pop culture like anime and Marvel films. 

Step 4: After you’ve translated the name into emoji, translate the emoji back into your language. 

Step 5: Save the screen recording and upload it to TikTok. 

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