How to get the emoji with a triangle on TikTok

TikTok users who don’t already have it have probably been haunted by it. 

A secret emoji with a triangle over it is showing up all over the app, usually with the catchphrase “you don’t have this emoji.” The unusual emoji is popping up in video captions and comment sections everywhere. Here’s what you need to know about the craze. 

What is the “you don’t have this emoji” trend on TikTok


You don’t have this emoji😅⃤ | #fyp 😅⃤. #viral #emoji

♬ original sound – __nxyim

In the trend, users spam the phrase “you don’t have this emoji” and post the emoji of a face grinning with sweat juxtaposed with a triangle on top. It’s certainly not any emoji you’ll find on your keyboard. 

There’s no real reason for the trend besides having an inside joke that others don’t know about or understand. Just ironic chaos for the fun of it. 

The unusual trend has gotten so popular that most people are fed up with it. “Please just STFU,” @pxris5x said of the trolling. 

“I swear if I see one more of these comments,” @footy_goat1 said in a video

How to get the emoji with a triangle on TikTok 

The easiest way to get the unique emoji is to simply copy and paste it from another comment. Or you can paste the emoji, followed by the code [triangle]. When you post your comment, the emoji should appear instantly. 

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