TikToker uses old movies as ’emotional support noise’ while she’s working

While some have transitioned into working from home with ease, the change can be less than ideal for others. 

As we spend more time at home during a particularly stressful and precarious time in history, coping mechanisms are bound to pop up. For one TikToker named Kayla, some “emotional support” ambient noise was how she got through her workday.  

“Does anyone else put on an emotional support background noise movie while they try and survive their daily adult job?” Kayla wrote in the video caption. 

The camera panned from her workstation with grown-up equipment like stationery, a laptop and an extra monitor. Then, it panned toward her television, and on display was something a little less adult: Finding Nemo.  

“I’m about to be 30, but Nemo helps,” she said

Unsurprisingly, so many others could relate to picking something comforting to watch while they worked. Some of the movies and TV shows people said they watched while working included Golden Girls, Encanto, Frozen 2, Friends and That’s So Raven. 

“I voluntarily do work while I watch movies for the adrenaline rush it brings,” someone commented

“Yes! It has to be something I’ve seen before for it to work. Haha,” another wrote

“Yes. My neighbors likely think I watch cartoons for a living,” a person said

“I love how many of you truly identify with this,” Kayla responded in the comment section. 

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