TikTokers getting ’emotional’ over new teenage filter

Users on TikTok are reviving their teenage years, courtesy of TikTok’s latest trending filter. 

With the filter on, you’re able to get a split screen of your younger self on the top and your current self on the bottom for reference. 

The filter is called “Teenage Look,”  was created by TikTok and currently has over 1 million videos attached to it. It provides smoother skin, removes facial hair and brightens up the face to give a youthful look. 

Younger users have been putting the filter on their parents or the elders in their life to get a taste of what they looked like years ago. 

“I almost cried,” replied @sunchips06.

“Theres nothing sad…but why does it feel like that,” asked @ozzythedrix

As videos continue to be created, more and more people are getting emotional seeing themselves and others virtually return to their youth.

“All of these vids got me in the feels. I miss my younger self so much I literally ache for her,” commented @makerofeves under the video. 

“Same here! I didn’t realize how much though until I did this,” replied @sassypantsparade.

This filter has caught several people off guard due to the shock of seeing exactly how much they’ve aged. 

Michael Anderson (@mandertok) posted a video explaining why he and many others are “freaking out about this teenage filter.”


Seriously, they are making the “now” look worse to make it more dramatic, right? Right?! #teenagefilter #foreveryoung

♬ Forever Young – Alphaville

“It’s because 20/30 years from now, in your head, you’re still gonna think that you look like this,” he said in his post. “Then there will be some sort of filter that makes you realize you look like this now.”

His video was posted a day ago and already has over 8 million views and over 660,000 likes. 

Overall, the reactions to this filter have been bittersweet — with users remembering youth and simultaneously looking the aging process straight on. 

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