Mom shares how she stays in touch with her ‘grown sons’ without ‘infringing on their space’

An empty nester shared how she and her husband maintain contact with their adult sons “without infringing on their space.”

It’s a pretty big deal when kids grow up and are finally able to move out on their own. The transition can be bittersweet. Not every parent knows how to strike the balance between nurturing the relationship and letting their adult child become independent. 

TikToker @tanyaann74 gave a few tips on how she’s able to keep the bonds with her sons strong now that they’re all grown up. 


Do I sometimes miss them being little? Yes, but I like this part too. 🥰 #emptynest #grownkids #fyp #foryou #ReTokforNature #adultkids @davelanser

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The mom explained that sometimes she would “accidentally” make extra of her son’s favorite foods. She’d drop it off for them just because — without the expectation that they’d invite her in for a longer visit. 

The parents also stopped offering opinions and started waiting for their kids to ask for help. She gave an example of her son, who was going to test drive a car, texting her, “If I need to, would I be able to call you?” 

When inviting them over, she always made sure to include their partners and check their availability. 

“Most importantly, always treating them with the same respect we asked them to have of us,” she added

The video racked up 1.1 million views and resonated with many TikTokers

“My poor husband doesn’t even get a check-in text,” a user said

“Watching this and tearing up while my toddler is fast asleep on me,” a person wrote

“Crying. We’re in the infancy stages of him going out into the world. I will miss him terribly. I will do just this for him,” a TikToker replied

“I’m crying because this is EXACTLY our mother. She’s my best friend and the ways she shows her love fills my heart,” someone commented

“This made me cry, my parents do things like this for me to, I never realized its their way of keeping in touch.. it makes sense now,” another added

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