Who is Emzotic? The animal vlogger is feuding with YouTube over a snail

An animal vlogger is battling with YouTube over her pet snail. 

Emma Lock, aka Emzotic, has 719,000 YouTube subscribers. She makes educational videos about animals like her pet crested gecko, ferrets and African land snail. 

Now Lock is in a feud with YouTube over the demonetization of one of her snail videos for a very bizarre reason. 

Who is Emma Lock?

Lock was born in London on Apr. 14, 1998. She is of Spanish and Chinese heritage. In 1997, her family moved to Hong Kong where she took an interest in catching insects and lizards. By age 11, she worked as manager of a pet shop and eventually worked part-time at a veterinarian’s clinic. 

She took up acting in college by doing theater productions like Romeo and Juliet. Lock also appeared in The Human Centipede II. She currently runs the company Mobile Menagerie U.K. which provides animals for film and television sets. 

Snailgate 2021

On May 1, Lock took to Twitter to explain that a video about her African land snail was demonetized under YouTube’s “sex and nudity” policy.

“@YouTube if your team could NOT sexualize my animals, that would be wonderful,” Lock tweeted. “My snail is not nude. I am not nude. Nothing about my video, or the thumbnail is explicit. What shall I put? ‘Possibly large, but still wholesome snail’?”

Lock shared a screenshot of the video thumbnail where she is holding the snail underneath the caption “so big.” 

“The only people sexualizing this image is the @YouTube review team,” she said.  

She uploaded another photo of the thumbnail on Twitter where she changed the caption from “so big” to “not small, wholesome mollusk.” 

Then she joked about starting a new platform called “SlonlyFans.” She later updated Twitter to say YouTube is looking into the situation, but there’s still no word on whether her video will be monetized again. 

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