Enjoy this Virginia lake from the comfort of a luxury tugboat

If you have dreams of staying on a luxury boat, but prefer to be stationary rather than at sea, you need to hop on board the Lux Tugboat (@lakeglenhaven), a unique vacation home that’s perfect for adventurous spirits and nature lovers. 

Located on a lake in Louisa, Virginia, the Lux Tugboat is ideal for renters looking to vacation in an idyllic, outdoor setting while maintaining a level of comfort they’d be used to at home

“Guests that visit our tugboat love coming to our lake because there’s so many things to do,” says Ashleigh Wilder Furcron, the owner of the home. “Everyone loves visiting our island in the center of the lake.”  

Upon entering the 2-bedroom tugboat, guests immediately become immersed in the home’s living space, which includes plenty of comfy seating. “You can hang out with your friends, play games, have a cocktail, have your morning coffee,” Ashleigh tells In The Know. The centerpiece of the Bohemian-inspired living room is a custom chandelier made from Japanese fishing ropes and twinkle lights, built by Ashleigh’s husband. 

Next stop is the kitchen. With a butcher block countertop and full-sized retro fridge, the kitchen is equipped to suit guests’ culinary needs. Ashleigh’s favorite feature of the kitchen is the large window, which in addition to providing amazing views of the water, is also perfect for fishing

Moving on to the bathroom, Ashleigh is pleased to share that the facilities provide more of a “glamping experience,” giving guests a level of comfort amongst the rugged setting. “You still have your hot shower, running water, and all the amenities of home,” says Ashleigh. 

Speaking of comfort, the next stop on the tour is the first bedroom, which includes a double bed and a stocked bookshelf. The room does have a TV, but Ashleigh hopes that “people don’t use it too much because we want you to enjoy the lake and all that it has to offer.”

The boat’s top deck is the perfect place to enjoy the lake, with a spacious seating area, and tables for eating. “Our guests love reading and sunbathing up here,” says Ashleigh. Adjacent to the roof deck is the pilot house, an enclosed window-lit room perfect for sitting and having a cocktail with a full view of the lake, that also converts to a bedroom at night! 

Before guests head to bed, Ashleigh suggests stargazing and relaxing at the firepit, located a few steps away from the boat. “A lot of our guests love this space to hang out at night,” Ashleigh tells In The Know. “We’ve seen several shooting stars and you can even see the Milky Way.” 

While nighttime on the lake has a certain magic to it, the daytime brings plenty of exciting opportunities including kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, fishing, and even hanging out with some farm animals! 

Whether the sun is up or down, the Lux Tugboat and the surrounding island has plenty to offer people looking for an outdoor adventure with plenty of luxury tugging along. 

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