TikTok users are sharing the bizarre facts that make them ‘interesting’

While some people may struggle with not feeling special enough, some TikTokers are sharing how they’re a little too unique. 

The “enough for you” meme has people revealing all of the funny and unusual things that make them well, interesting. Inspired by pop star Olivia Rodrigo’s song “enough for you” from her debut album Sour, this hilarious new trend is taking over TikTok.

What is the “enough for you” TikTok turned 

Rodrigo is one of the hottest young artists on the scene because she is so relatable. But there’s one song that TikTokers just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye with. 

“And maybe I’m just not as interesting / As the girls you had before,” Rodrigo sang on “enough for you.” 

While Rodrigo may not have felt special enough, people are pretty convinced that they’re actually truly one-of-a-kind. No, they’re not tooting their own horns, TikTokers are sharing their very unrelatable quirks and personal stories.

Examples of the “enough for you” TikTok trend

Rachel Lansdell shared just how unique she is with a bizarre anecdote from college. 

“How I sleep at night knowing I’ll never relate to this lyric because I got stuck under hypnosis at an orientation event,” Lansdell wrote in the caption. The college had to call an ambulance and release a statement to the press.” 

“Knowing that this audio isn’t about me because my elementary school would bring me into the lost and found in order to smell the coats and identify who they belonged to,” the user @jack_kisling wrote in a video caption

“Knowing I’ll never relate to this because I showed up to my boyfriend’s Christmas dinner dressed like this,” @ckmont said. 

She showed a photo of herself dressed in highly realistic Grinch makeup

“How I sleep at night knowing I will never relate to this lyric because I’ve literally had an exorcism,” @dizziesouliere looking as snug as a bug in bed

Rodrigo knows how to tap into TikTok drama

Rodrigo’s rise to fame coincided with some major social media controversies. The teenager allegedly accused her on and off-screen love interest Joshua Bassett of ditching her for the older (notably blonder) Sabrina Carpenter. The love triangle spawned her first major hit “Driver’s License” along with Carpenter’s response “Lie Lie Lie.” The drama unfolded on TikTok and the three singer-actors have since responded in their own way.

But Rodrigo has since moved on and appears to be dating film producer Adam Faze

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