Entire restaurant helps family reveal baby’s gender in adorable TikTok footage

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be a new spin on the gender reveal trend, a new viral video emerges to prove otherwise. Right now, a couple on TikTok is doing just that after sharing their unique gender reveal at a local restaurant, which managed to get a crowd full of strangers in on the fun.

The clip was shared by Marissa Bailey (@rissa_bai), who recently took her entire family out to dinner to announce the big news. The “game” was pretty simple: Each family member would take a cupcake from the center of the table, bite into it and reveal whether or not the center had pink or blue icing inside.

One by one, her family members chose a cupcake and bit into it — but each time, they came up dry, saying they saw neither pink nor blue inside.

Slowly but surely, this started to get the attention of fellow diners, who began to look on with excitement as they waited for the big reveal.

At a certain point, each family member tried a cupcake without any luck, so others started to get involved, too.

First, their waitress took a bite — but came up with nothing. Then, people at other tables asked if they could try a cupcake, too, but most of them saw nothing inside the cupcake, either.

Finally, after the suspense grew for quite a while, one woman in the back of the dining room took a bite of a cupcake and excitedly screamed out, “It’s a girl!”

Naturally, this caused the entire restaurant to erupt in cheers as the happy parents hugged each other and cried. When the video finally ends after two minutes and 20 seconds, the entire restaurant is on its feet, cheering and clapping for the parents-to-be.

The sweet video has now gone viral, with over 7.6 million views and 23,000 comments.

“I usually don’t really care for gender reveals but THIS was so stinking cute!” one commenter wrote. “It brought a bunch of strangers together for a beautiful moment.”

“This was so cute,” said another person, who added that the woman’s excitement at the end really made the whole thing even more fun.

“Yess!” Bailey wrote in reply. “I loved her energy!!”

“Not about gender reveals but the sense of community that occurred here had me smiling from ear to ear,” someone else chimed in.

In the end, most commenters just couldn’t get over how invested each person was in finding out the gender and supporting the happy couple. One person even noted that it went from a restaurant full of strangers to a “restaurant full of brand new aunties and uncles.”

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