TikTokers are using absurd audio to share their unpopular opinions

TikTokers have stumbled upon a seemingly random Vine audio clip and are using it to create absurd memes. 

It’s called the “Epcot ball” trend and it has users confessing their unpopular opinions and obsessions. 

Where did the original audio come from?

The audio isn’t music in this TikTok meme for once, it’s actually just dialogue from a sketch by the Vine creator Gabriel Gundacker. 

In the old sketch, one speaker played by Gundacker says, “Who do you think the hottest girl in school is?”

The other, also played by Gundacker, responds, “The Epcot ball… Epcot ball…” 

Then the video cuts to Gundacker daydreaming about the Epcot Center. 

While it’s not clear how the meme first started, it first gained popularity in early November 2020. 

To understand the meme, think of the words “Epcot ball” as the placeholder for the confession. TikToker Emma demonstrated it best when she overlaid text to sync up with the dialogue. 

First speaker: What color do you want your future kitchen to be? 

Second speaker: Green…

The word “Green” is perfectly timed with “Epcot ball” and the video cut to Emma fantasizing about different green kitchens. 

The user Lex had another popular iteration of the meme when she revealed her favorite smell is the smell outside of a Florida airport

“The rush you get from that first sniff,” someone commented

“I didn’t know other people thought this,” a user wrote


did anyone else do this as a child or was that just me

♬ the epcot ball vine from gabriel gundacker – sokosi

In Jillian Jones’ edition, she told TikTok that her favorite taste is um: wet washcloth.

“I’m not the only one,” someone said.

“It’s so good, the flavor is immaculate,” a person commented.

Relatable? Kind of. Hilarious? Always.

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