Food blogger’s Chinese grandpa reviews Trader Joe’s Chinese food

Evan Yee is the creator of The Fake Food Show on TikTok and YouTube, a series where Yee reviews various fast foods and frozen dinner options.

In addition to his review videos, Yee also does tutorials and restaurant recommendations — from how to eat hot pot correctly to what the best affordable Brazilian barbecue is in Boston.

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But to change things up, Yee decided to have his Chinese grandfather join in on the fun and try selections from Trader Joe’s Chinese food line. Boy, did grandpa have some opinions.

Yee’s grandpa declared that Chinese people would not approve of the supermarket’s pork shumai and said its honey walnut shrimp “smelled like s***” while adding “they wasted the shrimp.” The grandpa also didn’t like the Philly cheesesteak bao, calling it “terrible” and said Trader Joe’s fried rice was “garbage.” 

But there were some products that pleased the grandpa’s sophisticated palate. The cha sui bao, didn’t look much like one to him, but he enjoyed the flavor. Meanwhile, the chicken chow mein did win him over and he said he would “buy it again.” The supermarket wonton soup was “OK” but not very authentic. But the xiao long bao, a.k.a, Trader Joe’s pork and ginger soup dumplings, were his favorite. 

Yee’s brutally honest grandpa scored him 373,000 views on TikTok. People were eager to try out his recommendations. 

“Whatever he approves, I will try,” one person commented

“Making my grocery list over here,” another added

“The food reviews are great but I’m here for the awesome time you were having with grandpa,” someone remarked

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