Tana Mongeau’s bizarre interaction with paparazzi becomes massive trend

Tana Mongeau’s unusual interaction with a member of the paparazzi became a meme that went so viral, she created merchandise from it.

In a clip TikTok user @itsjosezarate shared on TikTok, the YouTube and OnlyFans star seemingly answered a question about the YouTuber vs. TikToker “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” boxing match that took place on June 12. The video was first posted on May 18 and has been slowly trending over the course of a month.

“F*** Austin McBroom… It’s not my beef, but we’re team Bryce out here. Even the paparazzi Team Bryce, on god,” Mongeau said in the clip.

What does any of this mean?

Let’s start with context. She was referencing the headlining fight between McBroom and Hall, in which McBroom ultimately knocked Hall out in the third round.

In its most basic form, Mongeau’s statement simply expressed her disregard for McBroom and her support of Hall in the fight, then implied that the paparazzi should be cheering for Hall as well.

Some viewers found both her word choice and her presentation, which looked mechanical and involved an unusual voice she doesn’t use on social media, to be a bit hard to understand.

“Why did it take me 5 minutes to even understand what she was saying,” one TikTok user wrote.

“She is a walking meme,” another said.

“Why is she acting like that,” a third wrote.

The phrase “on God,” which is sometimes abbreviated to “ONG,” is used as a response when you thoroughly agree with what someone is saying or want to emphasize a statement.

How ‘even the paparazzi Team Bryce out here’ became a meme

The unusual clip was so infectious, TikTokers started parodying it with their own recreations.

Some users even wore the same rainbow knit top with matching arm warmers that Mongeau wore in the video.

Others worked with what they had.


#stitch with @itsjosezarate YALL PLEASE WATCH THIS IM SNORTING #tanamongeaulol #teambryce

♬ original sound – m

Noticing that this video of her was catching fire, Mongeau made her own merch with the statement printed on it.

Fans weren’t totally impressed with her hustle though, as some commenters said “the joke is dead,” accused her of “overdoing it” and said it looked like “she didn’t even try.” But Mongeau wasn’t too upset about the criticism.

“I think I made more money on the fight than Bryce,” she said in a follow-up video. On Twitter, she claimed she made six figures off of her merch.

Mongeau’s relationship with McBroom and Hall

Another reason that Mongeau’s viral statement is so fascinating is that it cemented the fact that she’s friends with Hall again. The two once feuded in 2018, but in recent months he has put an end to his partying ways and faced allegations of cheating on TikTok’s sweetheart, Addison Rae.

His renewed interest in becoming a respected boxer over a controversial social media star is reminiscent of Jake Paul, who happens to be Mongeau’s so-called “ex-husband.” It’s possible Hall and Mongeau put their beef behind them to align their powerful followings.

After pledging her allegiance to Bryce, Mongeau began spreading rumors about McBroom, who is a family vlogger best known for his YouTube account shared with his wife and three kids.

In a now-deleted TikTok, Mongeau claimed that she got a call from the McBroom family in which McBroom could be heard “bawling his eyes out,” and his wife Catherine Paiz was “absolutely screaming” because she found lipstick inside his car. Mongeau said she lied and said the lipstick was hers to save their relationship and protect their kids.

Mongeau also accused McBroom of hiring fake nannies to sleep with them.

McBroom denied the cheating allegations on Twitter and called Mongeau the “biggest clout chaser of them all.” He also said the lipstick belonged to Erika Costell, who happened to be Paul’s other ex. Costell confirmed this and clarified it was, in fact, lip liner.

Leading up to the fight, Mongeau’s Twitter display name was “even the paparazzi Team Bryce out here,” but now it just says “oops.”

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