Everyone on TikTok is freaking out about August 27

If you grew up with email — or, if you’re my grandfather and still do this — you probably remember receiving and forwarding chain emails.

A chain email was a message that tries to convince the recipient to forward the email to a certain number of other people, so on and so on. It’s essentially a pyramid scheme, but for being annoying.

The message of the content varied. Sometimes you were pressured to forward an email because others who had done so before you found $100 the next day. Or if you didn’t forward it, the girl from “The Ring” was going to break into your house.

If this sounds insane to anyone under the age of 23, that’s because it was. But you’re probably being exposed to a different variation of a chain email right now through TikTok.

TikTok has a tendency to make certain, random things go very viral. These trends are similar to chain emails in that one person posts a specific type of video and then next thing you know, your entire For You page is filled with other people doing the same thing.

That’s pretty much how the date August 27 started circulating around the platform. TikTokers are no strangers to videos predicting the future, so when Samantha Reneé posted a creepy video about the date it came as no surprise that it quickly went viral.

“If this is on your FYP… Congratulations,” the TikTok says. “You’ve been chosen. Remember the date August 27. It’s important.”

This is Reneé’s most popular video, coming in at over 5 million views. Suddenly, it seemed like everyone on TikTok was talking about and hashtagging August 27.

Multiple comments were left by creeped out users who had seen other videos mentioning August 27.

“i’ve seen this twice now and that’s my birthday i’m scared,” one person wrote.

“third video in 30min…” another user said.

“10th video of this date wow y’all make me scared,” someone else commented.

“wait what happens on August 27??!” a panicked commenter replied.

In reality, there is nothing to remember about August 27. A Twitter user broke the good news after finding a comment written by Reneé joking about how ridiculous it is that people believed she knew something about the date.

“I just wanted to make a weird video,” Reneé said in a comment. “Come on now y’all.”

While the world waits for August 27 to roll around, let’s just assume this is all part of a modern day chain email.

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