Evil genius combines the most hated parts of the holidays into a new candy

Brach’s clearly hasn’t gotten the memo that its candy corn starts an annual war between fans and people who don’t know what good candy is, because now it’s combined it with another polarizing holiday staple: the Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

Yes, in case you are regularly craving a turkey feast and can’t wait until November, now’s your chance to treat yourself to a miniature version of the meal — a real-life version of Willy Wonka’s three-course chewing gum (minus the turning into a blueberry part).

Turkey dinner-flavored candy corn is available to buy and comes in the following flavors: Green beans, stuffing, roasted turkey, sweet potato pie, ginger-glazed carrots and cranberry sauce.

Pupp Reviews is a relatively small Instagram account run by a guy who tastes snacks and then rates them. His review of the new candy corn is one of his most popular posts yet.

The reviews overall seem pretty positive (except for the turkey).

Other people on Twitter were not as impressed or willing to give it a shot.

Since large family gatherings on Thanksgiving are definitely not happening this year, perhaps Brach’s was just thinking ahead for people who don’t want to learn how to cook a turkey.

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