Woman enrages ex-fiance after explaining why she sold her engagement ring: ‘He got what he asked for’

After calling off the wedding, a woman is second-guessing her choice to sell her engagement ring

The former bride-to-be shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She discovered her fiance, Mason, was cheating on her weeks before the wedding. After she broke up with Mason, she was left with $20,000 of debt in non-refundable wedding fees. To pay back the money, she sold the engagement ring Mason had given her. 

“I was supposed to get married to my ex-fiance Mason on the 20th of this month,” she wrote. “But last week, a mutual friend caught him cheating with his ex Kim, so I called it off. I had already booked everything like the venue, catering and everything else. I barely managed to get any money back as it’s mostly non-refundable, so in total, I’ve lost $20,000.” 

“Last year, I took out a loan to cover the costs of the wedding. The longer I take to repay it, the more interest it gets. When we first got engaged, Mason agreed to sharing our finances together, meaning had we [gotten] married, I would’ve been able to pay it off. This was supposed to be in our prenup, but because we didn’t get married, it meant he no longer had to share finances.” 

When she asked him to pitch in with the costs, Mason told her it wasn’t his problem. So she decided to sell the wedding ring he gave her, a family heirloom worth $25,000. 

“I told him that if he didn’t agree to help pay it off that I would sell the ring,” she said. “He didn’t reply and ignored the messages. However, after talking to a mutual friend Jake, I found out he had actually read the messages and told everyone he didn’t care because I ‘wouldn’t do it.’ I asked Jake to tell Mason that if I don’t get a message from him in the next 24 hours that I would sell the ring.” 

“Jake told me Mason again said he didn’t care and didn’t think I would do it. So the next day, I sold the ring to an online website and messaged Mason to tell him it had been done and told him he shouldn’t have underestimated me. He started cussing me out, saying I didn’t scare him and that he would be around for the ring later. True to his word, he came to my house demanding the ring, and I told him I sold it already and showed him the proof.” 

Redditors thought the ex-fiance got what he deserved. 

“He got what he asked for,” a user wrote

“The cheating alone should be enough basis for Mason to pay [her] back,” another said

“You gave him all the warning in the world,” someone commented

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