Ex-husband and ‘new’ husband play hilarious ‘which parent’ game with their son: ‘This is great co-parenting’

A dad and stepdad are going viral for their friendship and healthy co-parenting skills!

Mom and TikToker Megan (@momsoftampa2) gained over 12 million views and 8,000 comments when she posted the heartwarming footage online.

Now, just like the mom who went viral for her hilarious dance with her kids’ stepmom, these parents are touching hearts all across the internet.

In her now-viral video, Megan introduces TikTok to “the husbands.” Sitting in one chair is her ex-husband, and right beside him is her “new” husband. Behind them both stands their son.

The audio prompts the son to tap the head of the father who best answers the question. “Which parent is most likely to let you go out?” and “which parent is more likely to give you $20 when you ask for it?” are some of the questions the prompt asks.

As the son answers each one, the dads take turns exchanging incredulous looks or smiles, proving there’s no bad blood between them.

But it’s not just the dads who have an awesome relationship!


Yes I almost died from the handstand 😅 #twinning #gobestfriend #twinnem #fyp @momsoftampa

♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray

Megan and her ex-husband’s new wife prove they, too, have the co-parenting game on lock, dancing together and also playing the “which parent” game in their TikToks.

TikTokers were touched by the four parents’ awesome friendships, and the loving environment they’re raising their children in.

‘What an awesome family dynamic!’

Thousands of TikTokers weighed in on the co-parenting family in the comments.

“When he chose both for the last question… I teared up. He’s surrounded by love,” one user wrote.

“As a police officer I see so many parents and step-parents that can’t get along. This warms my heart to see,” another user shared.

“You can totally tell they’re friends and that’s what made this video so great,” wrote another viewer.

“It’s so wonderful this kid has a group of parents who clearly have a great co-parenting and family dynamic. Good on all y’all!” lauded another user.

“This is so sweet. I love that he has two dads who love him and are willing to co-parent,” another viewer commented.

“The fact that they are both in the same room with good vibes, making a TikTok with their son/step-son, makes my heart happy,” one user wrote.

“What an awesome family dynamic! I love this,” commented another user.

Thanks to mature, loving parents like this, and their amazing co-parenting skills, our world is sure to be a better place!

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