TikTok divided over ‘excessive’ makeup hack

A new makeup trend on TikTok has users applying excessive foundation to their faces in an attempt to look completely flawless.

The days of Glossier-inspired, no-makeup-makeup are over with this maximalist beauty look.

Meredith Duxbury is credited with kicking the trend off on TikTok. Each of her videos starts with the TikToker pulling on a headband before completely dousing herself in layers and layers of foundation. As insane and over-the-top as it may seem, the final product does make Duxbury’s skin look particularly smooth and poreless.

In one of Duxbury’s videos, she gave a slowed, step-by-step breakdown of her foundation process.

First, she pours foundation onto the back of her hand and applies it to her cheeks, nose, chin and forehead with the bottom of a makeup brush. Then she takes another foundation with a dropper applicator and adds more to her face. After she’s satisfied with the amount, Duxbury uses her hands to essentially rub the foundation all over her face and neck.

Many TikTokers absolutely lost their mind over the video.

“You don’t need that much!” one said.

“She’s rubbing it in like moisturizer…” another wrote, stunned.

But others defended Duxbury, pointing out that the final look is smooth and matches her skin perfectly.

“If she wanted y’all’s opinions she’s would’ve asked,” a supporter snapped.

Some makeup aficionados outside of TikTok, however, can’t stand the trend. YouTuber and makeup artist Robert Welsh shared his disdain on his Instagram Stories, which was then screenshotted and shared on a beauty subreddit forum.

“I can’t stand it anymore,” Welsh wrote. “This ‘trend’ of using excessive foundation then rubbing it in with fingertips … It’s extremely wasteful and in no way satisfying.”

Welsh goes on to argue that he hasn’t seen an unfiltered, real-life photo or video in which someone successfully applied that much foundation.

“Stop wasting s***,” he concluded.

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