Woman sparks controversy with her ‘expensive’ birthday present choice: ‘They are just being jealous’

A woman’s friends are mad at her over a birthday present she got their mutual friend. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help with the problem. She and her friend group agreed not to spend more than $50 each on their mutual friend’s birthday gift. The Reddit poster stuck to the rules and used coupons to lower the price of an expensive item. Now all of her friends are accusing her of cheating.

“For a friend’s birthday, I and our circle of friends and family had an agreement in place where we should NOT spend more than $50,” she stated. “My friend is a hobbyist baker who loves ice cream, and he was using an old ice cream maker that often broke down. I found the perfect ice cream maker to replace it with, and its price was more than twice the set limit. However, there were three things that helped me: There was an upcoming weekend sale at the store that would reduce its price. I had a 20 percent off coupon for that store. I had an additional 10 percent off any item over $50.” 

She was able to use the coupons she received via mail circular at the store, and the price of the item was just under $50. 

“The birthday came, and of course, he was ecstatic when he opened up the ice cream maker,” she explained. “The other gifts paled in comparison in terms of value, needless to say. As expected, I got questioned by near everyone. I explained what I did and texted pics of the receipt, but EVERYONE badgered me and accused me of making their gifts look bad. They said the goal was to get a gift whose ORIGINAL COST was $50 or less. Now, this was not true as we had the group chat correspondence that explicitly said we weren’t supposed to SPEND more than $50. To make their case worse, one of the gifts was a nice shirt that had the tag left on it that said ‘Was $89.99, Now $40.’ As far as I know, there were zero complaints about that.” 

Reddit users weighed in with their perspectives.

“Using the coupons to get a totally great, expensive gift does go against the spirit of the $50 limit,” one user wrote

“Nothing was stopping the other friends from being creative with their money,” another said

“They are just being jealous,” a person commented

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