Expert explains why quarantine is actually the best time to date

Social distancing is changing dating as we know it. For the foreseeable future, the only way to connect with a new person face-to-face is through video chat.

Here’s the thing, though — dating might be very different from the norm right now, but it’s not bad. In fact, it’s actually the best possible time to date, according to one dating expert.

Serena F****** Kerrigan, a social media influencer known as the Queen of Confidence, shared five reasons why you should embrace the new normal and treat yourself to a “stripped down” date with someone you like.

1. No awkward money conversations

Credit: Serena Kerrigan / In The Know’s AmiLin McClure

Kerrigan told In The Know that virtual dates are incredibly easy to coordinate because money isn’t a factor. That’s one awkward conversation you don’t need to have.

“We don’t have to worry about where we’re going to go on our first date, how many drinks we’re going to buy,” she said. “Is he going to pay? Is she going to pay? Money is completely off the table.”

2. Less pressure for physical intimacy

Credit: Serena Kerrigan / In The Know’s AmiLin McClure

Since there’s always going to be at least six feet separating you from your date, Kerrigan said says you won’t have to agonize over their “intentions.”

“You don’t have to worry about, should I invite you back to my apartment,” she said. “Realistically, the only thing that you’re really going to do once you meet someone on a dating app is talk.”

3. Less small talk

\Credit: Serena Kerrigan / In The Know’s AmiLin McClure

Though many people are doing considerably less now than they did before quarantine, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on boring small talk to keep conversation going.

In fact, everyone currently following social distancing guidelines is bonded by that reality — so you automatically have at least one serious topic to discuss with your date.

“I made banana bread yesterday, and nearly almost burned my apartment down. It was such a good conversation starter,” Kerrigan said. “And I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for this.”

4. Lower stakes

Credit: Serena Kerrigan / In The Know’s AmiLin McClure

We’ve all been there — you’re on a date and it starts off fine at first, but eventually, you realize you have absolutely no chemistry with this person.

Rather than having to finish your meal and plot a smooth escape, Kerrigan said virtual dating gives you the option to simply hang up and return to your business.

“You both have the power to just press leave to end the conversation,” she told In The Know. “People are just more open-minded. What’s the worst that can happen?”

5. More time in your comfort zone

Credit: Serena Kerrigan / In The Know’s AmiLin McClure

Virtual dates are inherently safer than ones you have to leave your house for. You literally don’t have to leave your couch or change out of sweatpants if you don’t want to.

“You’re not going to a bar or restaurant to meet someone that you don’t know,” Kerrigan said. “Like, you are literally safe at home.

Though dating in quarantine might not seem ideal, there are all sorts of hidden benefits. Above all else, use this unique time to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

“If you’re talking to someone, and you like them … go after it,” Kerrigan said. “FaceTime them. You’ve nothing to lose.”

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