Why your date’s opinion shouldn’t change how you express yourself

Shelby is looking for love but wonders if their eccentric fashion style is a barrier to romance. So Jujubee and Thorgy Thor help Shelby determine if they should change up their look in this episode of Love Hotline. 

“I have kind of an ongoing problem where I actually think you guys can help a lot because it has to do with gender expression through fashion,” Shelby said. “I always am kind of dressed as like a combination of like Timothée Chalamet meets Dennis Rodman in like a John Waters type of movie.” 

While Shelby says their unique style can be a fun ice breaker, at times it can get it in the way. 

“I think I’m like eye-catching in the wrong way sometimes so I’m wondering if I should turn it up, just be more expressive or if I should temper it a bit,” Shelby said. “I’ve been asked several times like, ‘Hey can you just wear something kind of normal?’ and it’s like… OK.” 

But Jujubee and Thorgy were only impressed with Shelby’s playful menswear-inspired wardrobe. 

“Let me start by saying this I think you are fabulous and fantastic just the way you are and in the way that you choose to express yourself,” Jujubee told them. “I don’t think that there’s anything that you need to change about yourself to find somebody because if they want you to change for them they ain’t it.” 

Thorgy said that drag queens understand, maybe most of all, the power of expression and that it’s not something Shelby should give up. 

“When we dress into the fantasies that we love we feel more powerful and I think the right person that will come along and appreciate you for you, you’ll know when it happens and that love connection is real,” Thorgy said. 

“Love with conditions is not real love,” Jujubee added. 

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