Eyebrow mapping might be the only way to get absolutely perfect brows

Elite Permanent Makeup is home to an innovative eyebrow grooming technique called mapping. Brow mapping uses each person’s individual facial topography to find the optimal arch, edge and end of the brow. The microblading professionals enhance the thickness and shape of natural brows by permanently drawing on each hair stroke. But before the workers at Elite get started on filling in the brows they map the perfect shape. 

Most brow cartographers start from the nose. To find the edge of the brow, draw a straight line from your nose’s dimple to the front end of your eyebrow. Then draw a line from the edge of the nose, passing over the pupil, to the highest point of the brow to determine the arch. To identify the end, create a line from the outer edge of the nose past the outer corner of your eye. 

You can see how the pros at Elite implement this procedure using a thin string with ink in their Instagram video

“Many artists message us how do we get our shapes so natural and clean,” the video caption reads. “The answer is OUR BROW MAPPING. We use a special method that uses our elite mapping string which makes the process much more precise.”

Elite has an even more intricate process by using the string to make additional horizontal lines above and below the brows so that they’re perfectly aligned. Once the correct shape is found, it’s outlined. Then the worker goes in with a shaver to remove any hairs outside of the line. After the elaborate procedure, the client’s eyebrows symmetrically frame her face. And that’s basically all you could ask for!

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