TikToker warns against an alleged Facebook marketplace scam

A woman claimed that Facebook Marketplace is full of scammers. 

TikToker Tori shared a video discussing a recent attempt to sell furniture on the online marketplace. She encountered multiple scammers posing as regular people. What tipped her off? Things didn’t add up when they asked for more info. Tori could tell something was afoot. 

When Tori was trying to sell her canopy bed frame and mattress on Facebook Marketplace, she couldn’t help but notice a sea of scammers. She said the people tried to come off as “innocent” as “grandmas and grandpas” — they were anything but. 

The way the scam works is that the person requests your Zelle email and phone number. Then, they send you a fake email from Zelle requesting you add $500 to your account to make it a “business account.” However, it’s not a real request from Zelle but a phishing scam to get your money and info. 

“If you give it to them, you’re gonna get an email that says it’s from ‘Zelle support’ saying that you need to put $500 more in your own account to make it a ‘business account’ — they’re scamming you,” Tori said

“ZELLE IS NOT THE SCAM. The scam is what they try to do once they get your Zelle,” she clarified in the comment

People in the comments pretty much affirmed Tori’s suspicions. 

“This just happened to me. She was like I’m going to send you the money now,” a user said, to which Tori replied, “EXACTLY they do it so quickly and don’t ask the normal amount of questions.”

“Happened to my daughter last weekend! $650 she got scammed over,” a person commented

“It’s the same on Offer Up. Scammers left and right. We are moving as well and it’s crazy trying to sell anything,” someone explained. 

“One tried to get me using Venmo and I knew you don’t ask for an email unless they’re trying to scam you,” a TikToker replied

“Selling online is always CASH IN PERSON. That’s it,” another wrote

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