Woman terrifies parents with fake advertisement for ‘cheap’ baby manicures: ‘This has to be a joke’

A woman went viral when she jokingly advertised her services for cheap baby nails, and parents on Facebook freaked out.

When Facebook user Nelliamo Maphanga-Koeberger uploaded the Photoshopped images to her page, the post received over 16,000 comments and 12,000 reactions, and it was shared over 61,000 times.

“I can do your babies’ nails,” the post’s caption read. “Kindly DM for info. Cheap rates.”

The post included an image gallery of a baby’s seemingly manicured hand sporting a variety of long acrylic nails.

But upon closer examination, it becomes clear that these images have all been Photoshopped as each photo is exactly the same, save for the manicured nails featured in each one.

However, many Facebook users apparently didn’t notice this, as thousands shared their anger and outrage at the “manicures” in the comments.

“I’m going to call child services…”

“Are you crazy? That baby will poke their eye out!!??” one Facebook user commented.

“This [is] just stupid! Babies already scratch themselves, and they could jab their eyes. This is totally irresponsible!” another user wrote.

“Girlyyyyyy nooo… not only is it dangerous, [but] the chemicals are also EXTREMELY toxic and dangerous for babies. You’re also ruining the baby’s nail bed in general. They also scratch, [so] they could poke their eye out. Why?” replied another user.

“Such a sh**** idea! I mean, really? For the sake of making money? It’s really kinda mean to not only make way for the baby injuring itself, but why ruin her nails too???!!” another comment read.

“It’s a no-no for me. Babies have [a] tendency of scratching their faces more, especially when they cry… So just imagine the damage these nails will cost,” replied one user.

“It’s a baby, not a toy. There is a reason why you need to cut baby nails regularly. Unless you want them to constantly hurt themselves,” another user wrote.

“I’m going to call child services,” plainly stated another user.

But many Facebook users did get the joke and had a good laugh — not only at the images but also at people’s angry reactions.

“Sorry, I’m just here to read the comments by the ones who can’t tell it’s Photoshop,” joked one user.

“That’s exactly what my newborn’s nails feel like,” another user laughed.

“The birth of Edward Scissorhands!” one user joked.

As for the original poster herself, Nelliamo responded simply to her haters: “IT IS A JOKE, stop swearing at me!”

While Nelliamo’s post is clearly a joke, it goes without saying that little ones’ nails should always be kept short and clean — but these convincing Photoshopped manicures are good for a laugh!

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