TikTok is losing it over this vegan recipe for ‘fake chicken’

A fake chicken recipe is taking over TikTok — but users on the app are deeply divided.

The dish, originally shared by user @futurelettuce, is framed as a vegan “replacement” for pan-fried chicken breasts. It features just two ingredients: flour and water.

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The video by @futurelettuce has drawn more than 8 million views and sparked a massive debate in the comments section. Some users have called the fake chicken recipe “gross” or “vile.”

“I think most of us are confused more than anything,” one user wrote. “I have no words for what this person just did.”

“This is not food,” another added.

“I absolutely thought this was a joke,” another wrote.

In reality, the fake chicken recipe is just another name for seitan, a Japanese word that refers to a decades-old Chinese tradition of using wheat gluten to make protein. Seitan is made by combining flour with water, then rinsing the mixture until it loses most of its starch. The result is a ball of protein-rich gluten.

Over the years, the dish has, like tofu, become a substitute for meat — so TikTok isn’t really onto anything new here. It seems to be the name “fake chicken” that really has people so freaked out.

“Did you just turn flour into shredded chicken?” one user asked.

As with any TikTok trend, the fake chicken recipe has evolved and grown, with users adding all kinds of spices to make their wheat gluten more, well, chicken-y. Many vegetarian and vegan users have praised the concept as a creative way to make “meat,” without the meat part.


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