What are fake Snapchat photos? Where to find fake pics for Snapchat

The chase for clout never ends. Snapchat users are trading “fake Snaps” to appear more interesting on social media. 

With the world in lockdown and creativity at a record low for some, users on TikTok and Snapchat are trading staged photos to deceive their followers. 

What are “fake Snaps”? 

Fake snaps are like realistic stock photos. Ordinary people take photos of themselves hanging out or shopping. Then users screenshot the images and upload them to their Snapchats so that it looks like they actually have a hobby or friends. 

The hashtag #fakesnaps has over 90.9 million views. 

Here are some popular “fake Snaps” on TikTok:

One person, @fake..snapss, provided images so that it will look like users went to the mall, Forever 21 and the movies. 


Thank you so much for 6k om my last video! #foryou #boy #views

♬ original sound – Charlie 😽

Another popular fake snap package is the “boy edition” by @_fake_.snaps. It’s a photo series of teenage boys hanging out. It’s unclear who the boys are or if they consented to any of this, but the internet doesn’t seem concerned with any of that. 

Boys and shopping aren’t the only things social media users are desperate to fake. There’s also an “alcohol edition” so that it looks like you went out drinking a ton. Many speculated it’s a package only middle schoolers would find cool. 

“Middle schoolers gonna love this one,” someone commented.

“Please don’t give the 10-year-olds ideas,” another said

“All the 12-year-olds adding this to their favorites,” a user wrote

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